Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 2011

January came and went like a blink of the eye. We started the month with special training for our newest Latin missionaries. They came into the mission home from all around the mission for a morning of training and lunch. And then we put them back on busses to their sectors. Before they left, our beautiful Latin Hermanas took some pictures at the mission home.

Throughout the month we traveled around each zone and had interviews. While Presidente Bruce interviewed each missionary I gave a vocabulary pretest to the Latin missionaries who are interested in testing for English Certification. The test is very difficult but necessary to begin the English Certification program. Here are two pictures from our Iquique Zone.

Presidente Bruce and I love to attend baptisms in the mission. A few weeks ago we were lucky to attend a baptism in the Gabriel Mistral ward.

In each city we held investigator firesides after the interviews were completed. Here is a group of missionaries serving in Copiapo.

This adorable little boy wandered around the chapel during the entire fireside and captivated me. His sweet mommy listened intently throughout the meeting and worried that her baby was bothering us. No Way!!! I loved being around a toddling 15 month old. He liked me during the meeting but couldn´t wait to get out of my arms after the picture.

South of Copiapo is Vallenar where we headed the next day. Here are our Latin Elders trying to complete their vocab tests. Example question from test. Fill in the blank: The thieves threw ac___________ into the eyes of the man. (Answer: acid)

Los Gringos de Vallenar

Presidente Bruce and I spent an entire day standing in line so we could get our Chilean identification. We got into line at the Police Department at 6:45 and finished there at 10:30. then we went to the Civil Registry offices to get our Carnet (official i.d.). We spentfive more hours waiting for our turn to get fingerprinted and photographed for our cards. We have to go and stand in another line in two weeks to pick up our carnets. And there repeat every year.
Here is Presidente Bruce standing in the line at the PDI.

This is the front of the Police Department. As soon as I took the picture, an officer came outside and ordered me to stop taking pictures. I thought he was going to take my camera but fortunately he got stopped by someone with a question. Bad news: I didn´t take anymore pictures of our fun day in line.

In the La Portada Zone I wore a purple blouse. And several missionaries wore purple ties. So of course we had to take a picture of the purple brigade. 

The missionaries love their goofy shots.

On Saturday the Assistants and Office Elders invited to go paint ball gun shooting. As soon as we arrived Elder B. was hit with a paint ball that flew through a hole in the protective netting and got a huge welt on his arm. My decision to not participate was made. I am a spectator not player. But I did get some pictures of our great missionaries.

It was Team Gringo vs. Team Latin.

Team Latin

Waiting for their instructions.

The Antofagasta Strippling Warriors.

Last night we attended a Noche Blanca: a multi-sector baptismal service in the Antofagasta Zone. What a treat for everyone in attendance.
Elder T. with his investigator.




This is a celestial sight: four missionaries dressed in white. .

The Noche Blanca