Sunday, February 13, 2011

February Training

On Friday we had a specialized training for some of our new missionaries. These Elders arrived in July and August, just as we had begun our service, and we wanted to give them some much deserved attention and training because they didn´t get much direction from us when they arrived as we didn´t know what we were doing yet.
Lunch was prepared by Nery, Aji de Gallina a peruvian speciality. I provided A&W Rootbeer and Dr. Pepper. The missionares were excited about the food and the drinks.

More lunch pictures 

More Dr. Pepper please.

After lunch the missionaries were divided into small groups to discuss the orientation folder that they received upon arrival to the mission. We wanted their input as the book evolves.

Sorry for the side ways picture. It´s too late for me to fix it tonight. Each group presented their opinions about the notebook to the group and President Bruce took notes. We will be busy recreating the notebook for the new missionaries coming in March.

Everyone was interested in the information being shared.

This was a great day with a group of great missionaries. We feel so lucky to host them in our home and are inspired by each of them.