Sunday, March 11, 2012

Time to Catch Up

It has been a very long time and I have neglected the blog but I am back. So get comfortable in your chairs and I will show you some pictures from the last four months. There wasn't enough time or space to include every picture taken since December but I've selected as many as possible.  There is no rhyme or reason to my posting so I will just narrate as we go along.

A few weeks ago Presidente Bruce and I drove home to Antofagasta from Vallenar.  I snapped a few pictures of Chañaral, a city about three hours south of Antofagasta.  Below are two pictures taken from the highway.


A wonderful group of missionaries went home in December and returned to their families before Christmas.  Many were leaders in the mission and examples to all of us.

On Valentine's Day we received 25 new missionaries.  They were are largest group to date.  We had to rent a huge bus to transport all of them and their luggage to the Institute for lunch and training before sending them to their first sectors.  Below are pictures from that great day.

Presidente Bruce and Hermana Bruce

Tote bags for the new missionaries with our  mission logo.

The February group waiting for their first assignments and new companions/trainers.

Elder B. reading his first assignment and trainer with Presidente Bruce.

Elder H. finding out who his trainer will be.

Elder M. reading his assignment letter.

Elder C.and Presidente Bruce

Abrazo from Presidente Bruce

Elder O. receives his tote bag filled with mission stuff.

Elder V. with his trainer, Elder H.

Our only Hermana in this transfer:  Hermana C. with Presidente Bruce

Elder R. and Presidente Bruce

The Latins of our February Group

The February 2012 group.

Our office missionaries take care of every detail.

Elder J. helped with pillows too.

Elder J. and Elder M.

New missionaries with their assignments.

Our February Viejos.  What a great group of missionaries.

Hermana Nery - She keeps everything running smoothly for us.  We couldn't serve the missionaries without her support.

The big bus used for transfers.  Here it is taking our viejos to the airport for their return flights home.
Saying good-bye is the hardest thing to do.  Abrazos to all of our missionaries that returned home in February.




The goofy shot of our February group.
In December we had Leadership training meetings with the zones in the north, in Antofagasta and with the zones in the south.  Presidente y Hermana Kemp from the CCM in Santiago (MTC) joined us.  Presidente served part of his mission in Arica and wanted to visit this area before their mission ended in January.  

Zones in the north: Arica, Iquique and Alto Hospicio

Kemps and Bruces in Antofagasta

Zones from Antofagasta and Calama

The Zones from the south:  Chañaral, Copiapo and Vallenar
In December I returned home to California to attend the temple sealing of our son.  So before leaving town we hosted a Christmas dinner for our office missionaries.  We enjoyed turkey and all the side dishes that go with it (including stuffing).  Gifts were exchanged and everyone had a fun time together.

The Office Elders

Too much food.  Let the Holiday season begin!!
Presidente Bruce and I attended the annual Mission Presidents Seminar at the beginning of December in the southern part of Chile.  We enjoyed the company of all the other Mission Presidents in Chile as well as the green locale of the conference.  

Mission Presidents and wives, Area Presidency and wives

Glorious green outside our hotel room.
Here are few photos of our travels and adventures in the mission.  
The highway from the north to the south of the mission.  Two lanes and no scenery.

The available restroom facilities along the highway.

If you're thirsty you can find little places like this to get a cold drink.

Sun rising in Antofagasta.

Walking along the beach in Antofagasta.

The water and shoreline are beautiful in Antofagasta.