Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day Basketball and Futbol

Christmas was a Preparation Day for the missionaries so they had time to join us for basketball and soccer. Leland received two new basketballs from Santa so he and Trevor were ready for some "serious" b-ball. Last month a sports-like park opened down the coast from us with two soccer field, basketball courts and a sand volleyball court. We invited missionaries from the Antofagasta Zones to join in the games. The weather was perfect and the views were great. And the Elders had fun playing ball with the Presidente and Trevor. The Gringos were ready for some serious ball and the Latins joined in with the mad futbol skills.

Not much commentary, just pics of our great missionaries. Look closely to find your sons.

Tired Elders. But always ready for some futbol.

I love the cargo ship in the background. The harbor is so deep that the ships are anchored really close to shore.

The Latin team beat the Gringos 10-8; but both teams played well. Although tired from their workouts, all the missionaries were ready for their phone calls home. It was a very Merry Christmas.

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