Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Cambio

On September 11th we welcomed 14 new missionaries. The Latins arrived in the morning, right on time and unfortunately our gringos missed a flight and arrived later that day.  We whisked our new Latin missionaries to La Portada for a photo shoot and missed the opportunity with the late arriving Gringos because of bus schedules.  Below are the pictures taken at La Portada.

Several sweet missionaries came to us from the CCM in Santiago.

One of our new traveling assistants.

Our other new traveling assistant.

One of our office assistants.

These two left on a bus to Arica to start their travels later in the day.

Our traveling sisters.  They travel the mission to work with all of the hermana companionships.  
When all of our missionaries had safely arrived in Antofagasta we gathered with the new trainers and introduced the new missionaries with their first companions.  Afterwards we enjoyed Dominoes pizza for lunch and took more pictures before the missionaries boarded buses for their sectors.

This sister met her new companion with a pacifier. 

An elder greeted his "son" with a bib and pacifier.  Is there a trend here in the mission?

All the Hermanas love each other.

Reunions at the nuevito meeting.

Hermana Bruce chooses the next trainer to meet his nuevito

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