Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 2012 Nuevitos

On December 4th we received a new group of missionaries.  And wow what a great group.  They came with such enthusiasm and excitement to get busy with missionary work.  We love all the new missionaries and the excitement they add to our mission.

First stop, as usual, is a group picture at La Portada.

After a quick stop at the mission office we headed over to the Institute for lunch.  Dominoes pizza is a speciality in Antofagasta as there is only one in our mission.  After lunch we walked to the church to find out the new trainers.

The trainers are excited to meet their nuevitos and the new missionaries are excited to meet their first companions.  One by one the new missionaries read their first assignments and then are eagerly greeted by their trainers.

Before heading to the bus terminal for their travels to new sectors we take a final photo with the new companionships.  

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