Friday, June 24, 2011

A Quick Update

(This was posted on another blog accidentally and I wanted it permanently on our Camina Conmigo Blog.)

I know it's been a long time and there are too many photos to try and catch up so I'll just post a sampling from the last month.

We have been busy with all of our missionaries and we love them all. I wish I had photos of them all.

We received six new missionaries this week. All of them are excited to begin the work. Here we are at La Portada just after their arrival.

On Monday night we hosted our Viejos who have completed their missions. We had dinner together and then had a wonderful testimony meeting. These strong, obedient missionaries will be missed. 

Last month we had Zone conferences in the mission. I made 12 batches of brownies for dessert to be served at the conferences.

We were in Iquique on a holiday and couldn't get the traditional pizza for lunch so we all enjoyed Big Macs and fries from McDonalds. No one complained about lunch. 

Three more happy missionaries

The sisters of Arica

It's flu season here and I was given the task of administering flu shots. Here is a sampling of my "patients."

The Calama Zone

Last month our family visited us for a few weeks. On P-day we met with the two zones in Antofagasta for soccer. Here we are pictured with our grandson Lucas at the soccer fields.

Action shots of the soccer matches.

Two of the Viejos who share my height. I told you I am tall here in the mission.

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