Friday, June 24, 2011

Terminator and Gringos

This month we have hosted various groups of missionaries here at the mission home for specialized training. Specialized training is something we learned about last year at our Mission President's Seminar. It is an opportunity to train and teach small groups of missionaries outside the Zone Conferences and various monthly counsels. We love bringing in these groups so we can spend time with them and get to know the missionaries in a more intimate setting.

"Terminators" are a special group of missionaries assigned as senior companions to outgoing missionaries. They will usually be young in the mission and they are encouraged to work their companions until the last day. Thus, they "terminate" the viejo and help him/her finish the mission without being trunky. Our first group of terminators arrived a few weeks ago for their training. They have the honor of being the first Terminators in the mission. 

Of course the Hermanas wanted to pose for pictures before leaving the mission home. 

The Terminators

Presidente Bruce is no longer the tallest missionary in the mission. Elder P. has passed him by 1/2 an inch. His spirit and enthusiasm are just as tall. And he is still growing.

Another training we had this month was for our newest Gringo missionaries. They arrived yesterday for more in-depth training. Presidente Bruce presented everything in English for them so that they would understand everything. It's fun to see these new missionaries struggle so soon in the mission to find the words in English. Their brains are switching to Spanish and the simplest words and phrases come out hesitantly in English.

Elder R., an assistant, coming upstairs from the training room. He is our newest Assistant and has been serving as the Secretary and Presidente Bruce's right hand man.

Elder S., our finance secretary, is always in the background working and so he never makes it into pictures. But we caught him on the phone (a usual sight) as he left the mission home. He passed his first audit last week and keeps the mission running. We love him!!!

The ten gringos who came to our home yesterday. .

Elder C. is the comedian in the group. I am not sure what he said, but we were all laughing. He is pure fun to have around.


  1. Plus Elder Kennedy in the front row of the penultimate picture!

  2. The omission has been fixed. How could I have forgotten Elder Kennedy? Shame on me.