Friday, September 16, 2011

Tal Tal, Chile

This week we traveled south to Copiapo for a leadership meeting with our zones down there.  We brought four missionaries with us and made it a road trip.  Along the way we took a few pictures of the blooming desert.  With all the recent rain we've had, there are green plants blooming all along the road.

 Welcome to Tal Tal, a small coastal town two hours south of Antofagasta.
"Tracting" in Tal Tal
This is green for our mission.  Usually these rocks are just brown with a few cactus.  But now we can see small purple flowers blooming everywhere.

 The city of Tal Tal has many brightly painted buildings.  

 A beach campsite south of Tal Tal.  The Elders really wanted to tract this area.

After our meeting with the Copiapo zones we distributed the mission shirts.  Here are our wonderful missionaries serving in the Copiapo, Atacama and Chañaral zones.  Usually the Vallenar zone would join us for our meeting but we couldn't get return bus passages for them because of the Fiestas Patrias Holiday.  We will do training with Vallenar in October.

Zonas de Copiapo, Atacama and Chañaral
 The funny shot.  Funny, Funny Missionaries.

Funny zones in the South

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