Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to Antofagasta!!!

We welcomed seven new missionaries to the Mission Chile Antofagasta at the end of August.  We received five misisonaries from the Provo MTC and two Elders from the CCM in Santiago.  They were all excited, tired and full of smiles as they arrived.  What a great group of missionaries!!!! We feel so blessed to have received them.

The group from the United States arrived in the morning and we took them immediately to La Portada for some photos.

Later in the afternoon we picked up our Latin missionaries.  They attended the temple in Santiago earlier that day and so they arrived on a later flight.  Off to La Portada for pics and then we all headed to the Institute for training and lunch.

Each missionary posed for a picture with us.  

Group photo with us.

Photo with us.

And one final pose with our new missionaries.

Presidente Bruce explained the contents of the Orientation Book during training.

Our assistants

Four trainers listening to Presidente Bruce.

Each missionary chose a rock to carry throughout the mission.  This rock will help remind them of the importance of bringing the attributes of Christ into their lives.

Three Hermanas

Two trainers

Presidente is ready to introduce the new missionaries to their trainers.

Oh how we love each other.  Just one final photo as the day comes to an end.
We love our missionaries and we love the excitement that our nuevitos bring to the mission.

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