Sunday, October 30, 2011

Viejo Training - October

The word "Trunky" doesn't exist in the Chile Antofagasta Mission so we have a special training day for our missionaries who are ending their missions to help them remain motivated until they return home.  This month we had those missionaries who are scheduled to return home in November and January come to Antofagasta for their Viejo Training.  As you can see from the group picture, we are soon losing a large group of missionaries who all have had a huge impact in the mission.

Some of our biggest clowns are in these two groups.

The November and January Viejos
I tried something new for lunch at this training meeting: pasta served in a bread bowl.  Everyone loved having their pasta and eating the bowl too.  There were no bread bowls left at the end of the meal.
None of the Latin missionaries had every heard of eating out of a large loaf of bread.  Some were hesitant at first, but soon all were eating with enthusiasm.

Before the afternoon session of training a few missionaries discovered the games at the Institute.

The set up before lunch.

Presidente and Hermana Bruce serving up lunch.

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