Monday, October 31, 2011

October Cambio

We received a wonderful group of missionaries during our October cambio. I apologize that some of our pictures got lost somewhere in cyberspace. Here are pictures of our new missionaries.

Our gringo missionaries arrived but their luggage did not.  Being very resourceful they figured out the pay phones at the Santiago airport and called Presidente Bruce to inform them that they had missed their connection and would be arriving late.  We finally retrieved them at the Antofagasta airport, without luggage, but they all had smiles on their faces.  Later we returned to the airport to welcome our Latin missionaries and soon all were together at the Institute for training, dinner and introductions to their trainers.  Afterwards we put them on buses to their new sectors, many of them having to travel an additional 12 hours to Arica.

New missionaries waiting for their trainers.

More new missionaries being trained.

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  1. This truly is the best mision ever! I miss and love you both and appreciate everything you do for La Mision Chile Antofagasta.