Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hermana Conference - Bowling

A bowling tournament was the activity for the day. What a great time we all had. We won't talk about my poor score and we won't count up how many gutter balls I had. Let's just say my score made everyone else look like a professional.

One of many group photos.

Before entering the alley, the hermanas found a place to pose: coin-operated toys.

Picking out the right sized shoe. What are the sizing standards in Chile? I was a little skeptical about the germs in the shoes.

Oh those bowling shoes...

Elders Duerden and Edwards and me.

My four favorite Elders of the day.

The bowling balls. By the time I picked my ball, all of the light ones were chosen. Maybe the heavyweight balls were the reason for my poor score. Not!!!

I'm smiling on the outside and cringing on the inside because I don't want to touch these shoes.

Presidente Bruce was more interested in the Snickerdoodles. Actually he is making up the teams.

Sisters even bowl two-by-two.

There was plenty of cheering during our tournament.

High Five with Presidente.

Two by two again.

Can you see my gutter ball?

Game over for me. I will just watch and cheer.

Some of the bowlers got creative. 

Presidente Bruce with the assistants.

The group shot.

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