Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hermana Conference - Welcome to the Mission Home

On July 4th we hosted all of the sister missionaries in our home for an Hermanas Conference. Most of them traveled overnight from their cities, arriving in time for breakfast. They all changed into P-day clothes for a casual conference. We all commented on how strange and fun it was to wear jeans for the day. The conference has been divided into several blog posts and of course they are backwards because I'm not the greatest blog organizer. But enjoy the many pictures of our "Independence Day" conference.

Twenty-four hermanas arrived at 9:30 a.m. on the 4th for breakfast.

Many of these hermanas haven't seen each other for months or even their entire mission. Some had never even met each other. So when they all began arriving at the mission home there were plenty of hugs and LOTS of screaming.

Hugs and screaming.

Don't they look happy to be in jeans? Hermanas Arriaga and Young.

Our four assistants shuttled the sisters from the bus terminal to our home. 

We had to rent a shuttle bus for the day because our three mission cars weren't enough to transport all of the sisters. This is transportation Antofagasta style.

Don't these sisters look happy to be together?

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