Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rain in Antofagasta

"It Never Rains In Antofagasta." These are the words we heard when called to this mission. Murphy's Law would say if it isn't supposed to rain, then it will. Well...Mrs. Murphy (Hermana Bruce) arrived in Antofagasta and so has the rain. We woke up Thursday morning to raindrops. What a strange sound in this dry desert. We quickly dressed so we could run outside before the rain stopped. Little did we know the rain would continue on and off for two days. Wish I had dressed with more forethought...oh well, it's all about enjoying the moments.

Presidente Bruce outside our front door enjoying the rain.

This picture shows what we both felt as the rain hit our faces.

Hurrah for rain. (Never mind the hair and outfit.)

We quickly got into our car to dry our dear Nery home. She was worried about her house in the rain. The houses here are not built for any water and so many of the roofs leak with the least amount of moisture. We captured a few moments during our drive home.

Surfers are the same around the world. If there is a rainstorm, there must be waves.

It's been two days since the rain stopped and this puddle is still around. And the water is Muddy. Because there are no drains in the city (because of no water) the rain runs down the hills onto the coast highway creating puddles. And with the water comes dirt so our cars are filthy from the splashing of water.

Many people from Antofagasta have never seen rain. This was a first for some. I have to say the drivers did well with the wet roads. Today driving home from church I enjoyed the freshly washed down plants. There was no dirt or dust on them and the green was vibrant. Everything looks fresh and clean. Thank heavens for this blessing of rain.

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