Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Newest Missionaries

We received five new missionaries yesterday:  three Latin Elders, one Latin Hermana and one Gringa.  All of them arrived with enthusiasm to serve and with smiles on their faces.  We took them directly to La Portada after gathering all of their luggage at the airport.  Here is the official group photo from the July 2011 Nuevito Cambio.

Introducing:  Hermana Reyes from Santiago; Hermana Romney from North Carolina; Elder Gonzalez from Santiago; Elder Parra from Santiago; and Elder Vera from Equador.

Enjoying the view at La Portada.

Hermana Romney

Hermana Reyes

Elder Parra

Elder Gonzalez

Elder Vera

Our two hermanas taking photos at La Portada.

After La Portada we took the missionaries to the Institute for training and lunch.   Elder Stringham and Elder Lopez spent a few moments with the Elders while they waited for the trainers to arrive.

Elder Jensen and Hermana Arriaga are two of our new trainers.

Elder Stringham doesn't take any guff from the missionaries.

Elder Lopez translated for me as I explained the contents of the nuevito orientation bag.

After a brief orientation, the missionaries shared lunch together: BBQ beef sandwiches, mac and cheese and green salad with ranch.  Our two hermana trainers:  Hermana Arriaga and Hermana Platero.

Hermana Reyes and Hermana Arriaga

Elder Fowkes helped serve lunch and finally Elder Silva gets to eat.

Hermana Romney and Hermana Platero

The missionaries have to get a headshot taken for the transfer board.  I snuck in on Elder Parra's photo.

Two of our assistants:  Elder Edwards and Elder Jimenez.

All nuevitos get their shoes shined by their trainers.  It's a perfect photo op.  Elder Parra with Elder Jensen.

And then they get their photo taken with Presidente and Hermana Bruce.

Hermana Reyes with her trainer, Hermana Arriaga.

Hermana Romney with her trainer, Hermana Platero.

Elder Vera with his trainer, Elder Silva.

Elder Gonzalez with his trainer, Elder Grawe.

We've gone down to three assistants this transfer.  Elder Duerden returned to the field and is serving in Iquique.  We still have Elders Jimenez, Ramirez and Edwards.

Elder Fowkes and I helping the nuevitos make their sack lunches for their long bus rides.

The Hermanas of the July Cambio.

Our new missionaries with their trainers.

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