Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hermana Conference - Talent Show and Farewells

Hermana V. won the award for High Score in the bowling Tournament.

Team Duerden won the award for highest scoring team

The talent show had us all crying and laughing and we shared some tender moments too. What a great display of talent and creativity in this group of hermanas.

Hermana M. spoofed Presidente Bruce.

These hermanas spoofed the four assistants. .

Presidente and Hermana Bruce portrayed by Hermana M. and Hermana C..

A lovely song performed by Hermana R. and Hermana L.

A skit performed by a hysterical group of sisters. Pictured are Hermana Y., the newly returned missionary and Hermana O. the leader of the self help group for returned missionaries.

Four returned missionaries dealing with life outside the mission. .

Hermana M. and Hermana T. displayed their dancing skills while wearing traditional Equadorian clothing

The assistants had the sisters in uncontrollable laughing with their skit. (I am not sure what it was all about, but they were funny).

Hermana W. and Hermana Y. sang a son from Wicked and had me crying.

Presidente Bruce showed his mind reading skills to the group.

Hermana Ñ.and Hermana M.sang a hymn in English and Spanish.

The final talent was a recitation of The Living Christ in spanish by Hermana M. This brought the spirit to the room and prepared us for our testimony meeting. We challenged each sister to bear their testimony in one minute. It was 30 minutes of pure testimony and the spirit was so very strong as these sweet women shared their love for the Savior and their testimonies.

Afterwards it was time to prepare for the journey back home. Pictures were taken all over the house as everyone made sack lunches for traveling and changed back into their missionary clothing.

Here is a pictures of all the Gringo Hermanas under the July 4th banner.

Photos and more photos.

Hugs and tears were found in every room.

And then it was time to board the cars and vans for the ride back to the bus terminal.

Ready for the bus ride home.

We love our Hermanas and feel blessed to have them here in the mission. They are the angels of the mission. Presidente Bruce and I love you all.

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